Pragmatic, solution oriented, and innovative.

Are you looking for new materials and new formulas for your special requirements? Or would you like to explore new avenues in terms of sustainability? Then MöllerTech and its experienced employees are the right people for you.

Always the right solution.

Our proven development expertise.

There is one statement MöllerTech customers will never hear: “Not possible!” Would you like surfaces with leather, vegan materials, or natural fibers? Velvety soft or hard haptics? In cooperation with competent partners, we also offer painted and galvanized surfaces. No problem at all. What's more — we offer our own material developments such as Molprop, Molamid, and Molblend. Or we can develop new formulas for special orders with specific requirements. At MöllerTech, we draw on our solid, in-depth knowledge and the many years of experience of our employees.


We configure and design the desired component within the framework of customer-specific requirements. Suitable for series production. Cost-effective. Recyclable. Sustainable. Customer specifications are implemented in a highly qualified, flexible manner based on our expertise.

Our technicians and engineers work hand in hand with our customers. Worldwide. Pragmatic, solution-oriented, curious, and innovative in the best sense of the words. Always looking for room for improvement. We use state-of-the-art equipment in our technology centers for our entire development process.