Project management.


MöllerEconovation is an individual process innovation system that ensures maximum customer satisfaction. We take disadvantages and turn them into advantages. Turn lone wolves into a collective intelligence to make humans the focal point of future development.

The heart of our corporate culture.

Keep things simple. Communicate openly.

Project management

From engineer to engineer, always an exchange of ideas, always as equals: we coordinate with our customers at every stage of the development process. We use professional, industry-standard gateway processes to collaborate closely with our customers from purchase to after sales.

We know it is essential to involve production early on to develop a reliable and profitable process. This is why MöllerTech facilitates close communication among relevant parties throughout the entire development process — our customers' team of experts together with MöllerTech experts and their suppliers as the project team. 

MöllerEconovation is thereby an innovative expansion of the proven Kaizen philosophy and at the core of our corporate culture. The term is an acronym that combines “economy” and “innovation”. MöllerEconovation enables us to define internal activities and processes even more precisely across all process steps and to optimize them permanently. In doing so, we focus on our employees because they are the key to our success. We give them responsibilities but continue to offer support. As a partner and companion, we encourage personal initiative and at the same time support employees so that they can develop their skills to the best of their abilities.